Savant Europe



To assist Savant dealers with all aspects of design, configuring, customising and support, we offer a wide range of professional services that include:

Custom Development & Design

These services include creating complete RacePoint Blueprintâ„¢ software configurations, custom workflows and custom software modules.


Custom Graphics

Customise themes or develop new themes to meet customers artistic and usability requirements.


TrueImage Theme Creation

Create a TrueImage theme for your customer. A professional photographer will be scheduled to go to site and photograph the rooms necessary to run the TrueImage theme. These photographs will be professionally touched up and integrated into an existing configuration. The creation of the theme will be done by Savant ready for dealer testing on site.


Quick Turn Component Profile Request

A special express service for a more rapid creation of a device profile than the more usual 4-6 week time frame.

For full details of all service offered, how they can augment your own in-house resources for maximum efficiency, profitability and the fees and any expenses involved please contact Savant Europe on +44(0)1488 649340.